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Benefits of IV Therapy and Why People Use It

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Happy Spring! As the warmer weather approaches and allows us to get outdoors more, we'll hopefully catch fewer colds, flu, and cases of Covid. However, if you do catch these infections, IV Therapy can help by improving hydration and decreasing symptoms. Did you know that infusions can also promote and sustain overall wellness, improve memory, and help to eliminate a hangover? Curious about IV Therapy? Here are some frequently asked questions:

What exactly is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a beneficial infusion of fluids that often includes vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Hydration can target and produce a desired result, including improving your immune system, easing symptoms of hangovers, helping with the effects of jet lag, refreshing your skin's appearance, recovering after exercise, and more. Unlike swallowing an oral tablet and waiting for vitamin/mineral absorption through digestion, an IV allows treatment to go directly into your veins, offering a more immediate result.

How does IV Therapy work?

Our clients either choose a treatment from our existing menu or contact us to discuss which treatment might best suit their particular needs. We are always here to help! A registered nurse from our medical team will do a thorough assessment to ensure that a selected treatment will be appropriate and effective for each client. Westwood IV is associated with licensed Massachusetts medical providers, one of whom will then write a standard order for your infusion. IV Therapy can take place in your home or at one of our site locations. A registered nurse, with a specialty in IV placement, positions a small catheter in your arm, infusion begins, and you are on your way to reaping the benefits!

Can everyone receive IV therapy?

Most people can safely receive IV Therapy. However, the registered nurse giving the infusion will ask you a series of questions, as well as check your vital signs (including blood pressure and heart rate), before beginning treatment. Some people with heart, lung, liver, or other diseases might be asked to check with their primary care physician before receiving an infusion. Be assured that protecting and improving your health is our top priority at all times.

When can I expect results, and how long do they last?

When and how a client feels results often varies from person to person. Many people feel an ‘energy burst’ on the same day of their infusion (or injection). Others tells us that, after infusion, their energy remains consistent and does not wane during the day. Clients report that they get much more done without feeling tired. Infusions can act as a sort of power bank which the body draws from as needed. That power bank helps your body perform at its best.

The benefits of an infusion can last from days to weeks, depending on how fast your metabolism works and on your dietary habits and nutritional sources. Many people who choose wellness infusions receive them monthly, but others safely receive them weekly. Your body will tell you what it needs and when it's running low.

Who gives these infusions?

In Massachusetts, one needs to be a registered nurse or have a higher level of medical education in order to administer intravenous medication. Most nurses are able to monitor and maintain an infusion. Inserting the IV itself, however, requires a special skill set that takes time and experience to master.

Can I receive a certain medication or an already prescribed medication through IV?

Yes! Medications that help with pain, nausea, and belly upset can be prescribed by one of our providers and included in an infusion. If your Massachusetts primary care physician (or specialist) wants you to receive a specific medication via infusion, we can often coordinate with your doctor and accommodate you.


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