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Weight Management

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We're now offering Semaglutide!
Semaglutide (also known as Ozempic or Wegovy) is a once-weekly medication that can help with chronic weight management.


Benefits include: 

  • Decrease appetite

  • Improve overall health

  • Control eating habits

  • Weight loss

  • Feel full faster


Semaglutide In-Office Pricing*:

  • Month 1: $450 (includes $150 for intake and nurse practitioner evaluation)

  • Month 2: $350

  • Month 3: $400

  • Month 4: $450

  • Month 5: $500

  • Month 6 & Beyond: $500

"Recently, I've seen a significant increase in people taking, or asking about, the  GLP-1 agonist  medications such as Semaglutide.  The GLP-1 class of medicine has been on the market since 2005 for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, and now some of these drugs are also being prescribed for weight loss.   Many people do notice a significant decrease in appetite and/or a feeling of getting full faster while using these medications.  This reduction in calorie intake can indeed lead to weight loss.  

As a Registered Dietitian, I'm most concerned with  nutrition and the quality of the diet.  When  I see clients taking these medications for weight loss,  I remind them that even if they are not hungry,  food is FUEL and NOURISHMENT, so we work together to make sure that they are still consuming an adequate amount of calories and nutrients to keep the body healthy.  Simply skipping meals because of not being hungry is not the goal.  Also, even if this medicine does lead to weight loss,  regular physical activity is still absolutely essential for overall health, disease prevention and  preservation of  precious muscle mass.  Every organ in the body (including the brain) benefits from regular physical activity.  So while these medications may be a  helpful tool to reduce overeating, mindless eating or stress eating, it is important to focus on the basics:  ensuring optimal nutrition intake, partaking in regular physical activity and maintaining  healthy eating habits and behaviors.  Consultation with a Registered Dietitian can also help along the way."

Alison Kaplanes, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Owner, AlisonRD, LLC

Alison RD

*$50 additional charge for shipment to home. 

Each month’s pricing is an estimate based on average dose increase and includes 4 treatments.

How does it work?

Semaglutide, also known as Ozempic or Wegovy, slows down gastric emptying. When the stomach takes more time to empty itself of food, it sends signals of “fullness” to the brain. The result of this process is a powerful appetite suppression effect based on the patient’s own natural insulin production. This means patients can benefit from medically assisted weight loss without any need for invasive surgeries or harsh stimulants.


Who is it for?

  • Adults with weight related medical problems with BMI ≥27.

  • Clients who struggle everyday to lose weight. 

  • Clients committed to making weight management behavioral changes.

  • People who meet the criteria based on consultation and lab work. 


To learn more, please don't hesitate to call us at (781) 613-5005 or email

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