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Introducing Westwood Pediatric Wellness: Where modern healthcare meets the convenience of in-home care. With this vision, our mission is devoted to nurturing and caring for the heart of every family - their children, right in the comfort of their own homes. Gone are lengthy clinic visits and anxious children in waiting rooms. Now, families can access a suite of services within their homes' familiar, comforting environment.


The offerings at Westwood Pediatric Wellness encompass a broad spectrum of healthcare needs for children, including diagnostic tests for common ailments like strep and flu, ensuring quick and accurate results. For cases requiring immediate attention, the team can administer essential treatments such as fluids and antibiotics, providing timely care without the inconvenience of clinic visits. We also offer the convenience of yearly flu and COVID-19 vaccinations for the whole family. 

Westwood Pediatric Wellness:
Now Offering In-Home Medical Services

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