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Illness IV in Quincy/Milton

Helps you feel better faster after an illness.

  • 45 min
  • 250 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Illness IV includes Toradol for pain, Zofran for nausea, and Pepcid for belly upset. 500 ml treatment Possible Benefits - Rehydrates your body - Eases nausea - Detoxes your system - Restores essential vitamins - Reduces inflammation - Fights fatigue What's Included: Medications: Zofran: Decreases nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. Pepcid: Reduces heartburn and belly upset. Toradol: Helps relieve pain and inflammation. Vitamins: B Complex May help keep skin and blood cells healthy and convert nutrients into energy. Ascorbic Acid or C Vitamins: Can act as an antioxidant that may help protect cells from free-radical damage, absorb iron, create collagen and boost immunity. Zinc: Used to help reduce the duration of illnesses, prevent infection and speed up the body’s healing process. Minerals: This essential blend of minerals can help reverse the effects of dehydration, remove toxins and replenish vitamins.

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