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Your Weight Loss Journey Begins

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Already discussed Semaglutide with our RN and completed the steps below?

Check your eligibility: Prior to starting the program, you need to have a BMI of over 27, along with a health problem or a family history of HTN, DM, etc. You can use the provided link to check your BMI. Click Here


Complete the intake and consent form: Fill out our intake and consent form, which will provide us with necessary information for your evaluation. Click Here


Submit recent blood test results: Email us your most recent complete blood count CBC (includes Hemoglobin/Hematocrit/ect), CMP (includes Sodium/Potassium/BUN/Creatinine/Ect), HGB A1C Lipids (Includes LDL/HDL/Ect), and TSH blood test results, conducted within the past year. If your blood work is outdated, we can help you order these labs.


Initial payment: Provide permission to charge your credit card $150 for the initial intake and evaluation fee. Click Here


Schedule a Telehealth visit: Arrange a 15–30-minute Telehealth visit with our Nurse Practitioner for evaluation and to determine if medication is suitable for you. 

Next step is to schedule a Virtual Telehealth visit.


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